We will NEED further verification on ALL credit card orders being shipped to an address other than your billing address for security purpose. PLEASE DO NOT continue with this form of payment if you do not wish to do further verification.

Disregard this notice if your billing address is the same as your shipping address.

This verification will require you to send us details of your credit card including front and back image of your credit card.  We will then call your bank to verify your information you provided. This is to ensure that you’re in fact the owner of the credit card in use.  This extra verification will result in extended order processing time.  To avoid this, please (1) choose your billing address as your shipping address or (2) use "Bank Wire Transfer" Or Western Union" as your form of payment.

Also NOTE: Your billing address MUST be exactly as it appears on your statement to avoid your order being declined.  Please go back and REVIEW your billing address to ensure accurate street address and zip code.

Please CLICK HERE to view our shipping policy in case you missed it!